Hospitality & Entertainment

We are highly attuned to the many issues of this sensitive sector. We are committed to supporting your business, and providing the best solutions to help you keep up with international market trends. Our services include market research, financial analysis, business planning, management strategies, licensing, payroll, taxation and budget analysis, business mergers and capital acquisition.


Real Estate & Construction

The construction industry has recently undergone significant changes to its taxation structure. The HMRC has strengthened the CIS to prevent tax evasion and money laundering. The Government has also provided money to support new projects and assist businesses, which we can help you to access.


Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s)

It’s vital to ensure that your business is correctly structured right from the beginning. Entrepreneurs are talented and dedicated: we help you to develop your potential. SME’s are the largest sector of the economy, and there are many avenues of Governmental support to help you succeed.

We provide a range of specialized support services that include acting as brokers for the Government funded agencies GLEone London and Enterprise Enfield, who can help you to access finance.


Retail and Consumer Goods

These sectors have been severely affected by the economic crisis. One major concern is price deflation versus cost inflation; the result is a hostile environment with decreased profit margins and a high level of price competition. With analysis and business planning, we can help you find a balance.



A charity is a foundation created to promote the public good, and must comply with the same regulations and requirements of a commercial company. Although they are not-for-profit enterprises, charities also have to operate in an increasingly competitive and challenging environment.



With all proposed changes in this industry, there are currently lots of opportunities for all professionals in the health area. The plan to subcontract staff for National Health Services has open the doors to agencies wishing to supply staff at all levels, or for those professionals who are directly contracted as locum by the NHS.

Compliance is key to this industry, a tax plan has proven beneficial from the start in both corporate and personal scope.


Media and IT

The most creative of all industries in our opinion. We can give full advice in tax advantages as well as government incentives for those in the innovation sector. With high consumer demands nowadays it is important to focus in excellence and customers services.

It is also essential to have clear goals and keep costs under control. We provide full tax planning to keep you ahead of the game assuring compliance and successful profit margins.